Attendance Analytics

Attendance App displays time lost & attendance KPI’s only if GRP AMS is implemented

About Service

  • Centralized hub that applies government attendance policies systematically
  • Automate and decentralize Rota & Scheduling Management
  • Scheduling employees based on different dimensions like Skills & Roles
  • Allow Managers & Employees to view Real-Time Attendance through Smart Employee
  • Reflects back-dated shifts changes, then do recalculations automatically
  • Allow the Employees to submit permissions Smart Employee & GRP Self Service
  • Allow Managers & Employees to view the calendar, shifts, & attendance status on Smart Employee & GRP Self Service
  • Employee Self-Rostering
  • Enabled system governance based on the law & policies
  • Auto overtime calculation and send it to Payroll system Send daily notifications for attendance exceptions to Managers & Employees

Targeted Audience