UAE PASS is the first secure national digital identity for citizens and residents of the UAE. The app enables all registered individuals to access more than 5000 government, semigovernment and private sector entities’ services through their respective websites and apps, and allows them to digitally sign, authenticate, and share documents as well as sign various official transactions.

About Service

App Features:
1. Logging in:
  • You can forget multiple usernames and passwords, and instead, log in to various government websites and apps using UAE PASS.
  • It is very simple, just enter either your mobile number, email address, or Emirates ID number to log in to a website or app; and then approve the notification that appears on UAE PASS to securely log in.
2. Digital Signatures:
  • You don’t need to go anywhere to sign official documents. UAE PASS signature is equivalent to a physical signature, and so, is recognized by UAE courts. Just upload a document, sign it, and share it. If someone shares a signed document with you, you can also instantly verify it on the app.

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