SmartPath System is a Talent Management System, in 2019 phase one of the project ‘Employee Performance management module’ was released. The system Aims to improve the performance not only to measure it by removing the wrong practices and utilizing the best Practices by aligning employee objective with Strategic objective, This is achieved by Linking Top Management’s Objectives with the strategy map Then Cascade down the objectives from top management till the next managerial level, this process continue till the objectives of the executive employees. System Grantee bottom up evaluation so employees achievements aggregate up to their management’s Target. this process continues till achieved results aggregate up the Top management’s strategic objectives and compare the planed target with the achieved results. System is designed in easy friendly user interface and ensure employee happiness.

About Service

  • Provide a platform to Perform Full Employee individual performance management Cycle
  • Support the ability to cascade down individual objectives from Top management scorecard way through hierarchy levels till the scorecard of executive employees
  • Link individual objectives with strategic objectives
  • Top down planning and bottom up evaluation
  • Simple and friendly user interface
  • Cover the all performance management phases (planning phase, review phases and end of year appraisal phase)
  • Calibration phase and bell cure control
HR Management System needs to be implemented.

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