Smart Employee

The Smart Employee App provides an innovative, easy, accurate and quick way to manage many various staff services such as applying for a leave, permissions, finding and contacting a colleague, and approving procedures. In general, to manage all personnel affairs from anywhere, and at anytime. Smart Employee serves employees and managers in Dubai government for up to 70 Government entities plus Outsources.
Smart Employee

About Service

  • For Guest Users:
    1. Business Card
    2. Dubai Calendar
    3. Dubai Careers
    4. Dubai Government Entities
    5. HR Laws
    6. Subscription
  • For staff working for Dubai Government:
    1. Inbox (GRP & CTS Pending Actions / History)
    2. Delegations (Long Term / Short Term)
    3. Smart Path - Performance
    4. Dashboard
    5. Employee Directory (My Team / My Network / All / Dubai Government)
    6. Certificates (Certificate Request / Digital Certificate / History)
    7. Newsroom (News / Events / Directives)
    8. Health Insurance (Family Members / Network Search)
    9. My Team (Team Availability / Team Leaves / My Team)
    10. Leaves (Leave Request / Balance / History)
    11. Payroll (Payslip / Salary / Bank Details)
    12. Attendance (permission Request / Smart Attendance / History / Timesheet)
    13. Thank You (Received Cards / Given Cards / Leaderboard)
    14. Dubai Careers (Internal Recruitment / Hiring Manager)
    15. Enterprise Document Control Platform
    16. Tasaheel (SMS / Call 800-GRP)
    17. Missions
    18. Ask Smart Employee
    19. HR Laws
    20. Maintenance (Work Request)
    21. CTS (Official Corresponding Letters between Gov. Entities)
    22. Embedded Analytics Dashboard
    23. Login with UAE PASS
    24. Dynamic Request (Submit new Request and view your request)
    25. Esaad App provided by Dubai Police
    26. Analytic Hub (Explore all BI Application provided by Smart Dubai)
    27. Smart Support (Report service request to Smart Dubai)

You can download the latest version of the "Smart Employee" app on your smartphones now and get instant access to the list of featured functional services once the application is installed.

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