GRP Inventory is a powerful inventory tool which provides a wide scope of stock and inventory information supporting top management decisionmaking processes. It assists Dubai Government Departments in proper stock maintenance. It ensures a set of vital objectives such as crossagency inventory stock sharing and crossagency stock coding unification. It minimizes dead and slowmoving stock. It allows flexible planning, forecasting and replenishment, flexible physical inventory and cycle count, minmax planning, full absorption, and perpetual inventory valuation.

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GRP Business Processes and Functionality:
  1. Internal Requisition Cycle
  2. Receiving
  3. Min-Max Planning
  4. Reorder Point Planning
  5. Cycle Counting
  6. Physical Inventory
  7. ABC Analysis
  8. Inter-Organization Transfer
  9. Sub-Inventory Transfer
  10. Move Orders
  11. Closing Inventory Periods

Oracle GL and Oracle Costing need to be implemented.

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